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"Our face is the first thing the world sees but is often neglected or hidden behind makeup. So whether it's a lack of time, money or know-how, it can be overwhelming to know where to start to care for our skin, especially as we age and our needs evolve
             So I created a skincare line that not only cares for our skin but reignites personal affection for ourself. We deserve to feel beautiful because we truly are.

Pampering our skin can be an everyday love language. Sometimes we think that self-care  requires some grand gesture. Really, it can be in the small things we do for ourselves daily. It's in the moments when we start our day or wind down for the night that we have that time to appreciate ourselves. It's time to be audaciously beautiful!"
- Rachelle
Owner & Founder


Our Story

Pretty Face Facial Cleanser
True Beauty Daily Serum - 1oz Pump.png
Bam!Boo AHA Facial Scrub
Totally Gorgeous Daily Hydration Crème

Rachelle is a 3rd generation entrepreneur carrying on the legacy of Mathews women. Her grandmother, the neighborhood candy lady, ran her store out of her apartment. Her mother, an accomplished cook, ran a successful catering business serving clientele that included high ranking state and local officials and now Rachelle is forging her own path launching her own line of spa quality skincare products.

For Rachelle, the answer to the question "what's your favorite facial feature?" is, “The whole thing!"  As someone who loves makeup, it was equally important to have that same confidence without it. Whether trying new products, techniques or making  homemade masks, Rachelle has always had a love for skincare.


In a sea of options, the majority of anti-aging products seem cold and clinical. Rachelle's vision is to change the mindset around anti-aging products. Regal R'Belle skincare is a celebration for the skin providing products that are infused with natural ingredients and uniquely formulated to nourish your skin while targeting the signs of aging. 






 Regal R'Belle - Brand Attitude

pronounced ree-guhl rah-bell

“ Regal for the graceful, classy, timeless energy that we carry with us as we evolve. R’Belle for the confident, fun and unapologetic way we boldly are. We are rarely one dimensional. Whether you love glitter and swear, love glam and rock tattoos, like high heels and watch UFC, we are just beautifully complex! I love that duality that makes us interesting. So I wanted my skincare to celebrate that joy and self-appreciation I feel as a woman, especially entering a new chapter and share that with all of you."



Welcome to skincare fit for a fuckin' Queen!

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